CNC Wheel Lathe

Machine Green-Before
Machine Green-After
Fiat machined wheel
Custom Look!
purple machined rims
Mercedes Machined Wheels (home)-Before
Mercedes Machined Wheels (home)-After
CNC Lathe-Before
CNC Lathe-After

Rimguard, Inc. is now offering re-machining for your wheels. We now have a state of the art CNC Wheel Lathe at our Raleigh, NC wheel repair shop location. We are the only wheel company in the Triangle with this type of equipment for rims. No more painting silver over your machined finish rims, our CNC Wheel Lathe will give your rims a like new factory fresh appearance everytime.

Want a custom look for your factory rims, with our CNC Rim Repair Lathe we can do just that. We can change the color of the pockets on your wheels and re-machine the face of the wheel for a custom look while keeping your factory original wheels.

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