Alloy Wheel Corrosion

Low Acid Spray Corrosion
This usually occurs when a person uses a low acid cleaner, and allows it to set on the alloy rim too long - causing a streaking effect. The cleaner etches into the clear coat of the alloy rim, leaving a white streaking appearance on polished, painted, or machined finish rims and black streaking on hyper silver rims.

Brake Dust Corrosion
Disc brake dust is a big problem for millions of car owners. The beginning stages of brake dust corrosion can actually burn small marks into alloy rims if not removed on a weekly basis. Over time a combination of moisture, grime, and brake dust can lead to severe pitting of alloy rims. Once your rims get to the point of severe pitting, the only option is to have your damaged alloy rims professionally refinished. Rimguard prides itself in having the technology and experience to assist customers with issues of brake dust corrosion on alloy rims.

Rim Oxidation
Alloy rim oxidation is caused by a chemical reaction between air and water that causes the alloy rim to pit. The problem with oxidation starts when the factory clear coat is compromised, usually due to curb damage or outer rim weights. If left unresolved your rim will develop noticeable oxidation in a matter of weeks. At the point of compromise, your rim will develop a gray and white spider look, especially on machined finish alloy rims. Some painted rims, particularly Toyota and Lexus alloy rims, may develop oxidation under the paint causing a bubble look on the inner spokes of the rim. Chrome rims may develop oxidation where the tire meets the rim, on the inside part of the rim. This causes the chrome plating to lift, and if left untreated will cause the tire to lose air.

Helpful Solutions
Before using any cleaning products on your rims, be sure they do not contain ammonia- or acid-based solutions. Wash your alloy rims with a quality cleaner and wax similar to what you would use on the body of your vehicle. For better protection after drying your rims, apply rim wax which will cut down on brake dust corrosion in between washes. Rim wax will not harm or dull the finish of your rims. Has low acid spray, brake dust corrosion, or oxidation gotten the best of your alloy rims? A Rimguard professional can assist you with each of these alloy rim corrosion issues. If you live in Central NC you may contact one of our mobile rim repair professionals. If you live outside of our mobile rim repair areas, you may ship us your alloy rims from anywhere in the U.S.

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