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The owner of Rimguard, Inc. has been serving the Triangle since 1996. We were originally known as Ashley’s Auto Interiors. We repaired leather, vinyl, velour, carpet, and hard plastic. During this time we built a reputation for quality and a dependability for customer service that was hard to find in the auto reconditioning industry.

In late 2002, we realized that alloy wheels were quickly replacing steel wheels due to their durability and strength. While servicing car dealerships with our interior repair, we noticed the number of alloy wheels on the lot with unsightly curb damage. In early 2003, I decided to begin repairing surface damage to alloy wheels. The remainder of 2003 was spent sharpening my skills for surface repairs of aluminum wheels. While repairing these rims, many customers were asking if I could straighten their bent wheels. In January 2004, I bought my first wheel straightening machine. Rimguard, Inc. was excited to offer this new service.

The next few years were spent growing the Rimguard name. Dependable employees were added to keep up with the demand for our quality and service. Rimguard, Inc. now serves many of the Triangle’s body shops, tire shops, insurance companies, dealerships, and retail customers. Rimguard, Inc. has also trained many companies outside of North Carolina in the trade of alloy wheel repair. Two companies in North Carolina serving Reidsville, Fayetteville and other surrounding areas also have had successful training with Rimguard, Inc.

In August 2012, we added our coolest feature to date. We purchased a CNC Wheel Lathe. This allows us to repair machined finish wheels back to a factory finish. With this addition, we are able to customize factory alloy wheels to where ever your imagination will take you.

From the start in 1996 with interior repairs, to the present with complete alloy wheel restoration, Rimguard, Inc. strives to provide the customer with quality options. We are happy to now provide original equipment replacement wheels, center caps, tig welding, powder coating, brake caliper painting, and wheel polishing. Rimguard, Inc. is committed to above industry quality, and customer service that goes unmatched in the industry.

I’m Ashley Hall, owner of Rimguard, Inc., and I speak for myself and our great mobile technicians, whether it’s a wheel repair or wheel replacement, we’ve got the answers.

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