Wheel Repair Services

Rim Guard offers the following wheel repair services:

Wheel Repair Services

  • Curb Damage Repair
  • Bent Wheel Repair
  • Cracked Wheels
  • Polished Wheels
  • Corrosion Repair

Replacement Services

  • O. E. Wheel Replacements
  • Steel Wheels

Rim Straightening
Our technology allows us to straighten rims up to 26” in diameter of any style. Rim Guards technique uses heat, hydraulic pressure, dial indicators and skill to straighten even the most difficult rims, even center bends, to meet factory specifications. We ask that all the bent rims are brought to us with the tire already removed for faster more efficient service. Generally rims can be repaired and returned the same day.

Polished Wheels
Most polished wheels today have a protective clearcoat on them. Therefore, the clearcoat must be stripped off in order to begin the polishing process. This results in a slightly longer turnaround time to allow for the best results. However, all polished wheels - cloudy, scratched, or oxidized can be restored to a mirror like finish.

At Rim Guard
Our attention to the smallest details ensures a quality finished product, able to satisfy all clients. To ensure top results, we use top products and techniques. All technicians are required to go through extensive and on-going training to maintain the highest skill level.

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