Cosmetic Repair & Polishing (Home)-Before
Cosmetic Repair & Polishing (Home)-After

Our wheel powder coating service can renew the look of your rims!

Bent Wheel Repair (Home)-Before
Bent Wheel Repair (Home)-After

Bent wheel? Call us for service.

Corrosion Repair (Home)-Before
Corrosion Repair (Home)-After

Corrosion damage can be repaired by Rimguard.

Mercedes Machined Wheels (home)-Before
Mercedes Machined Wheels (home)-After

Refurbish your Machined Wheels with our CNC Lathe

Caliper Painting (Home)

Brake Caliper Painting

Curb Damage Repair (Home)-Before
Curb Damage Repair (Home)-After

Curb Damage repair is a Rimguard specialty.


Rimguard, Inc. will repair and refinish curb damage, bent rims, cracked rims and polished rims for a fraction of the cost of a new rim. We also specialize in Powder Coating, Brake Caliper Painting, Custom Refinishing and CNC Wheel Lathe Re-Machining!

Rimguard Inc. also offers O.E. Wheel Replacements, which are 50-60% less than the cost of a new wheel. Wheels can be shipped nationwide, and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

We Specialize in Machined Finish & Powder Coating Wheels!

Serving The Triangle Since 2003!

Wheel Repair Services

  • Curb Damage Repair
  • Bent Wheel Repair
  • Cracked Wheels
  • Polished Wheels
  • Corrosion Repair

Replacement Services

  • O. E. Wheel Replacements
  • Steel Wheels

Rimguard Inc. is here for all of your wheel repair needs. Just call 919.622.0553 and we can discuss the best solution for you! Or text us at 919.219.6779 to send photos! Just include your name when you text us.

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