Bent Wheel Repair (Home)-Before
Bent Wheel Repair (Home)-After

Bent wheel? Call us for service.

Corrosion Repair (Home)-Before
Corrosion Repair (Home)-After

Corrosion damage can be repaired by Rimguard.

Curb Damage Repair (Home)-Before
Curb Damage Repair (Home)-After

Curb Damage repair is a Rimguard specialty.

Mercedes Machined Wheels (home)-Before
Mercedes Machined Wheels (home)-After

Refurbish your Machined Wheels with our CNC Lathe

Caliper Painting (Home)

Brake Caliper Painting

Cosmetic Repair & Polishing (Home)-Before
Cosmetic Repair & Polishing (Home)-After

Our wheel powder coating service can renew the look of your rims!


Rimguard, Inc. will repair and refinish curb damaged, bent rims, cracked rims and polished rims for a fraction of the cost of a new rim. We also specialize in Powder Coating, Brake Caliper Painting, Custom Refinishing and CNC Wheel Lathe Re-Machining!

Rimguard Inc. also offers O.E. Wheel Replacements, which are 50-60% less than the cost of a new wheel. Wheels can be shipped nationwide, and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

We Specialize in Machined Finish & Powder Coating Wheels!

Serving The Triangle Since 2003!

Wheel Repair Services

  • Curb Damage Repair
  • Bent Wheel Repair
  • Cracked Wheels
  • Polished Wheels
  • Corrosion Repair

Replacement Services

  • O. E. Wheel Replacements
  • Steel Wheels

Rimguard Inc. is here for all of your wheel repair needs. Just call 919.622.0553 and we can discuss the best solution for you!

Canned Food Drive - Bring 5 Cans for 15% Off!

To celebrate 15 years of service, we would like to thank our community and customers by holding a canned food drive. Bring 5 non-perishable food items and get 15% off your service. May 1st-31st, 2018.
If you’re not in need of our services, you’re still welcome to drop off non-perishables to participate in our food drive.

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