Curb Damage Repair

Ryan Cosmetic Repair-Before
Ryan Cosmetic Repair-After
Cadillac Wheel with curb damage-Before
Cadillac Wheel with curb damage-After
Curb Damage-Before
Curb Damage-After
Curb Damage Repair (Home)-Before
Curb Damage Repair (Home)-After

Surface Repair and Refinishing Your Wheels

Rimguard’s mobile alloy wheel repair is your solution for unsightly curb damage, scratches, and oxidation. Alloy wheels come in many sizes and color variations. Wheel sizes range from 14” to 26” in diameter. The finish of your wheel could be: machined, polished, hyper silver, low or high flake metallic, or even custom painted to match your vehicle. Damage to your wheels can come from: curb damage, wheel weight scratches, low acid spray, lug nut impact wrench, auto accident, and road salt, which leads to oxidation. At Rimguard whatever the finish or damage to your rim, we have a solution. Contact a Rimguard technician today and we will walk you through every step of the repair process.

Our Process

Curb Damage: Step One, InspectionFirst your wheel is inspected by a Rimguard technician to determine If the wheel is safe to repair.

Curb DamageFor this wheel we located the damage, and began reshaping the metal and smoothing out the surface of the wheel.

Curb Damage taped wheelOnce the surface of the wheel is reshaped and smoothed out, we clean the surface and tape the tire off. We then apply a primer or bonding agent to the wheel. The wheel is painted a factory Specific color and cleared.

Curb Damage Finish CuringAfter the alloy wheel is clear coated, we use infra-tech curing lights to cure the wheel for 20 - 30 minutes. This ensures a durable and long lasting wheel repair.

As good as new; curb damage repaired.The result is another quality wheel repair from North Carolina’s leader In alloy wheel repair.

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