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Red Brake Calipers
Car w/Green Brake Calipers
Acura Red Brake Caliper-Before
Acura Red Brake Caliper-After
Red Brake Calipers, before and after-Before
Red Brake Calipers, before and after-After
Porsche Speed Yellow-Before
Porsche Speed Yellow-After
Jaguar Red Brake Caliper-Before
Jaguar Red Brake Caliper-After

Brake Caliper Painting

Rimguard, Inc. is excited to offer brake caliper painting at our Raleigh shop location. Are you looking for a customized look, a Rimguard technician can change the color of your brake calipers to any color you desire. The Rimguard brake caliper paint system is available in 11 standard, high-gloss, wear-resistance colors including red, yellow, blue, silver, black, purple, green, white, gold, orange, and pink! We can match the brake calipers to the o. e. color of your car/truck as well.

Not only is our brake caliper system unique and attractive, but it offers great chemical and physical protection to the caliper. Brake fluids, dust, road salt, dirt, even loose gravel can’t harm the high-gloss finish. We also offer a 100% product performance guarantee.

Turn Around Time, Care, & Maintenance:
In order to paint your brake calipers properly and allow sufficient drying time, we will need your car for at least 24 hours after the painting of you calipers is complete. Once the paint has fully cured, the vehicle may be driven as normal. Periodically clean brake calipers to maintain the high-gloss finish by simply spraying or wiping them off with a hose or damp cloth. Chemical cleaners will no longer be necessary.

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