Proper Maintenance of Powder-Coated Rims

Just like your car paint and internal elements, your wheel rims need routine cleaning and care in order to maintain high-quality appearance and function over time. Regular maintenance is critical for metal rims with powder coating. 

Yes, powder coating is uniquely known for making your wheels tough and durable. But, while powder-coated rims are significantly less prone to wear and damage than painted rims, NO protective rim powder is totally maintenance-free!

With the maintenance practices we list below, you can maximize the lifespan of your powder-coated rims. 


  • Use soap and water for routine cleans. To prevent stains and build-up, you need to wash your rims regularly with warm water, mild soap (the same soap you use to wash your car), a soft-bristled brush, and a microfiber towel. Routine washing will help you avoid the need for more frequent deep cleans – which often require more aggressive cleaning products.
  • Give your wheels a good power-wash from time-to-time. The high pressure spray is an extremely effective deep cleaning tactic, removing any build-up and debris you’re unable to get with a soft clean. REMEMBER, always use filtered water, as unfiltered water from the tap can cause extra damage to rim coating.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals for deeper cleans. If your wheels need a more thorough cleaning, we recommend using Meguiar's Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner diluted according to label directions. Stay away from harsh chemical cleaners. Many commercial cleaners can damage the finish on powder-coated rims, leading to fading, staining, and more damage over time.
  • Don’t forget your sealant, ceramic, or wax coating. After you have thoroughly dried your rims with a microfiber towel, make sure to apply a layer of protective coating. Sealants – as well as wax and ceramic coatings – are critical for protecting your rims against the elements, scratches, brake dust, tars, and unwanted build-up. Plus, these products will make your next cleanings even easier and give your wheels an extra shine!

NOTE: Ceramic coating typically needs to be applied professionally using Majestic Solutions’ Shield line from Majestic Solutions.

  • Know when to bring your car in for wheel repair. Damage to your rims can stem from a variety of sources – curb damage, wheel weight scratches, car accidents, the elements, low acid spray, road salt, you name it! Whether you need a wheel replacement or a cosmetic repair, Rimguard Inc. has the customizable rim solutions you need!


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